Deeper Understanding Of Kansai Paint

Kansai Paint Singapore

Our products are used from coating on small and delicate electronic devices to large commercial buildings. Our coatings are able to withstand a wide range of conditions (natural or man-made)

Every employee is inculcated with Kansai's striving for excellence culture, thus ensuring that only the best products leave the production line.

Kansai Paint Singapore is the first paint company in Singapore to acquire the ISO 9002 certification, and has since upgraded to ISO 9001:2000.

Responsible Products
Kansai Paint Singapore is more than just a manufacturer and supplier of paints. We believe in providing good technical and sales services, and our R&D team is committed to continuous improvement and developing technologically innovative products. Customers are assured that our products are of the highest quality.

Eco-Friendly Paints
Kansai Paint Singapore is fully committed to developing product formulations that minimise pollution to the environment and comply with international environmental laws and regulations.

The function of paint takes on a deeper meaning for Kansai Paint. That is why we have focused on presenting you with Decor, a superior paint system that achieves long-lasting and brilliant paint results for every building, for as long as the building stands. Through the use of the Decor paint system, we offer powerful cost savings, convenience of using a system and continuous performance to beautify buildings for all time.

2016 Kansai Paint Corporate Brochure

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